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Featured Speakers :

 Phyllis Schneck
Phyllis Schneck
Deputy Under Secretary for Cyber Security and Communications
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
 Ann Dunkin
Ann Dunkin
Chief Information Officer
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
 Timothy Lee
Timothy Lee
Chief Information Security Officer
City of Los Angeles
 Otto Contreras
Otto Contreras
Deputy CIO
City of Miami
 Joyce Hunter
Joyce Hunter
Deputy CIO, Policy and Planning

Cyber Security for Government 2015

Proactive Strategies for Managing Cyber Vulnerabilities

The recent series of high-level breaches point to the need for a rapid and substantial increase in information security for the nation's civilian governments at the Federal, State and Local levels.

The FBI has stated that it is not a matter of “if”, but “when” most major agencies will be hacked.

This event will bring together knowledgeable perspectives as well as seasoned industry experts, in order to discuss future measures to mitigate vulnerabilities, manage risk and respond effectively using latest strategies.

Cyber Security for Government will cover:

  • Increase critical cyber competencies to protect sensitive data, detect threats sooner and manage incidents effectively
  • Join government agencies at local, state and federal levels for unified approaches to cyber preparedness
  • Implement threat intelligence solutions and upgrade overall network security
  • Combine resources and track patterns; create an intelligence-centered mindset; enact strategic and comprehensive cyber security plans
  • Establish comprehensive training and development to close the cyber 'talent gap' 
  • Utilize digital forensics and pen testing to understand previous attacks and behaviors of malicious actors

Attend this conference and be better prepared to protect against persistent cyber security threats from well-organized malicious actors.

If this is your priority, you won’t want to miss Cyber Security for Government and the transformative discussions around leading with proactive strategies for managing cyber vulnerabilities.

Download the Agenda

Download the Agenda